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             Hey peeps! Finally got up off my azz and got a homepage. The more I learn, the more I'll improve. Now than! Hello, my name is Donald, I'm 22 and I live in Baltimore Maryland. I listen to all kinds of music...and I mean ALL. Everything from swing, ska, death & heavey metal, rap, pop, R&B, techno, club, country, classical, alternative, classic rock, easy listening and some go-go and reggae. To learn even more about me or some of the things I HERE.     I live on my own, actually rent a room from my buddy and his g/f, which brings me to the name Dwelling Madness.        

      I use the name Dwelling Madness alot in chat rooms, but it's not a name I just thought of. The name, Dwelling Madness, is the name of my buddy's death metal band. I felt that I should explain how this name came about. I mean, afterall, I am using it in chat.   for the subject of my girl Hip_Chic aka Rachel. This girl is cool az shi†! She's got alot going for her and she means alot to me. Yeah yeah, I'm a hopeless romantic, so sue me! She's such a cutie and I love her to death. She's gonna be a model someday, I know it!   Click HERE if you want to learn more about her.

Å£s0, i jüs† ReÇŒntl¥ ho0keÐ ^^ VVi†' DaPr0pHaTz!!¡¡!! g0†Tå GivŒ då' sh0utZ 2 a£L m¥ pŒePZ. †hŒ¥ n0 vvHo †heY R. цŒr e¥Œ SŒeN a L0† üV M¥ FriEndz 0N dåt' ßiG £isT, i neW I wuZ N Ða riG† g®oüp.          

Alright peeps, thanks for stoppin' by.

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