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I hope you don't mind, but I fucked around with your page a little bit.... I didn't mess with your ACTUAL page....but I made a duplicate and changed some things on it to maybe give you some ideas. (the text in italics is text I added)     Don't worry....... no one else will get the URL and I will delete everything from my web space once you have checked it out!

I did this just to show you what I was talking about and maybe give you some ideas.   I also just like to fuck around with making web pages (the more you play, the more you learn....hehe) and stuff like that.  (too much time on my hands?)  If you think it all I said....I just like to mess around with this shit sometimes.....hehe.

There are three links to other pages on the page you'll get to after this one..... the little arrows on the bottom of those pages will link you back to the main page.

I don't know if you know how to transload (I have absolutely no idea) but if you don't and  you find some graphics you like and want to put on your page..... I can upload 'em to my site and you can link to them from there if you want.

Also.....if you have some pics you want on your page but don't have access to a scanner to scan the could mail 'em to me if you want and I could scan 'em for ya.  Just a thought.

I'll also try to come up with some sort of  "crash course" or basic notes on making a web page if you want.......   it would be mostly basic html commands...and I don't know how much of that you know...... so if you already know that shit let me know and I'll try not to tell you anything you already  Well shit...... you know how to do shit with your webtv email....... it's pretty much like that bro.....

Anyway, I've said enough to last
Let me know if you want any more help.....and let me know when to delete the pages I made.
(The Link to them is below)

Talk to ya later,
YKnow  (John)